Tantra Sacred Massage

Ma Anand Leandra runs a busy Tantra Sacred Massage practice in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, together with a team of affiliate practitioners. The Tantra Sacred Massage affiliates program was launched in June 2012. Leandra runs practitioner training courses. See this website: Practitioner Training. We have openings for affiliate practitioners all over South Africa. Run your own practice while being affiliated to the Tantra Sacred Massage. Leandra will mentor you and offers a further training program to the affiliates. Be part of a growing group of Tantra Sacred Massage Practitioners. Click here for more details about the training...

Tantra Sacred Massage works with the innate body energy, the chakras on the front of the body and the Kundalini on the back. Sexual energy, understood as life's force, is moved upwards, generally from the base chakra to the heart chakra on the front of the body and from the base of the spine up the back. Every part of the body is touched, as Tantra does not exclued anything. In addition to being extremely relaxing and sensual, negative self-images, and feelings including past sexual and other hurts, can be melted away by the loving touch you receive in this massage making you physically, spiritually and emotionally a more balanced person. Experiencing this massage can have a healing effect.

To find out more, and for booking details please visit www.tantra-massage.co.za

"Our senses are the bridge between our consciousness and our world, yet few of us develop our full sensual potential. Tantra celebrates the senses and is Tantric massage teaches you this ancient art of touch, which will allow you to extend your lovemaking skills, deepen your connection with others and advance personal growth through cultivation of sexual energy."
(Ron Solo - International Tantric Touch specialist)