Private Couple's Workshops

These workshops of 4 or 6 hours can be booked any time in Cape Town with a male and/or female facilitator and in Johannesburg or Durban when Ma Anand Leandra is in town. The workshop is also available to gay couples, facilitated by a gay man.

This workshop is a beautiful immersion into the practice of tantric rituals which will help you deepen your emotional, physical and spiritual connection with each other. It is suitable for couples in a new relationship as well as couples that have been together many years. The workshop includes a consultation after which all the work is experiential and practical in nature. You take away "homework" and lots of ideas to try out and practice at home in order to transform your experience of sexuality into one that includes spirituality no matter what religion you come from or practice. All the work we do is a celebration of your relationship. This workshop is a must for all couples!

Couple's workshop I : R 1600 (4 hours)
We start with tea & a chat about Tantra and your goals as well as any issues you would like to discuss. The practical work begins with learning the tantric breathing technique. We then do a number of tantric bonding rituals including the foot washing ceremony, a tantric touch ritual, tantric eye gazing, a communication ritual & a well wishing ritual. This workshop is a wonderful way to learn methods to connect more deeply and intimately on all levels - emotionally, physically and spiritually. There is no intimate work in this workshop.

Follow up to Couple's Workshop I : R 800 (2 hours)
If you have already participated in the 4-hour workshop you have the option to book this intimate follow up workshop in which you learn to give each other the lingam / yoni massages. These massages are a celebration of the masculine and the feminine. You learn some biological and emotional facts about the male and female anatomy as well as how to touch and massage the complete genitals. It is not a simple erotic massage, these massages are given from a place of deep love, respect and reverence.

Couple's Workshop II : R 2200 (6 hours)
The full 6 hour workshop combining all the content of both workshops above.
Make this as a special treat, to renew the love and sensuality in your partnership or if desired, to work on tantric solutions to sexually related issues. The workshop structure concentrates on your specific relationship and gives you the means to deepen your intimacy on all levels. We begin with a chat about your goals as well as some information about Tantra before I facilitate various bonding and rituals: the foot washing ceremony, well wishing ritual, communication ritual, tantric eye gazing, tantric touch ritual. Then the last 2 hours is spent learning how to give each other the lingam and yoni massages. Please be prepared for intimate hands on work. 
The workshop can be given in two 3-hour sessions or three 2-hour sessions if this is better suited to your schedules. This way you also have time to practice what you have learned in between sessions.