Workshop Schedule
August - December 2013

Workshops are non-residential seminars 4 - 8 hours in duration. We launch our new workshop concept with two related themes, one on Saturday, the other on Sunday. You can book either one or both. Suggestions for close by accommodation will be made should you wish to overnight. If you book both workshops there is a price reduction.

Sexual Yoga Workshop For Couples

Cape Town & Johannesburg: 2014

Facilitator: Ma Anand Leandra

Daily life does not appear to be too be considerate towards relationships. Emotional and practical problems are usually reflected in a less frequent and a more superficial sexuality, and for many long term couples sex is taken like a sleeping tablet at night! Tantra offers crucial keys to unlock, unfold, grow and retain a deeper quality of love and a more ecstatic sexuality. This workshop gives you tools to do just this and sets you on your way to set up your private Sexual Yoga sessions at home.

Sexual Yoga sessions are practice sessions. It is taking time to connect emotionally, spiritually and physically with your partner. This workshop offers you a kick-start to setting up a regular practice at home and in so doing, begin a practice of regular relationship bonding, or relationship maintenance, something so crucial to maintaining a healthy atmosphere in any relationship within a busy professional live.

In a warm, accepting and supportive atmosphere, you will learn to connect with your partner more consciously, intimately and lovingly. Each couple will create a personal space for the work and personal boundaries are always respected. The work is gentle, respectful and professional. The aim is to give you something sustainable.
The workshop ends with learning to give each other the lingam and yoni massages. This is deeply intimate work and requires nudity. However, each couple will be able to build a "nest" where they can feel comfortable for engaging in this work privately in the working room. Leandra will give a demonstration before each massage and couple's will then have time to put this into practice. The lingam and yoni work is deeply healing and transforming. It is not just erotic play.


A Taste Of Eros - Tantric Touch & Massage

Cape Town: Sunday, 20th October 2013

Facilitator: Ma Anand Leandra
Photo: Ines Kossgemagk (Berlin)

Not everyone wants to become a tantric massage practitioner, but most people would like to be able to give and receive touch to a deeper degree than usually experienced. Learning to use the senses as a doorway to the present is a crucial part of a tantric journey. It is our senses that bring us into the present, into the "now". Although it is fundamental to our emotional wellbeing, our sense of touch is one of our most neglected senses. In a very real way, Tantra addresses the fact that most of us do not know just how deep, loving and comforting touch can be, and most of us do not receive enough!

Realizing the full potential of touch requires leaving the goal of getting something in return out of the equation. Only then is awareness in sensuality and sexuality possible. When ecstatic touch and deep presence or meditation meet, this is when we have Tantra. 

This workshop gives you the tools to experience and learn this. It will transform not only your love relationships, but all your relationships, and particularly how you relate to yourself. The work is conducted in a professional and respectful manor. Your boundaries are always respected. Couples will work with each other throughout the workshop, singles will have the option of working with various partners during the different stages of the workshop. 

There is no lingam or yoni massage work in this workshop - a further follow-up advanced workshop will be offered at a later stage.

Dress code for both workshops

Sexual Yoga for Couple's workshop
Nudity is not a requirement in this workshop. Some of the work would benefit from having as much skin available to touch as you feel comfortable with. For example when we do the tantric touch ritual. However this is personal choice and not something enforced. You can wear a sarong or lungi with undies or a bathing suit underneath for these parts of the workshop. All the work is conducted in a professional way. The lingam and yoni massages are however conducted in the nude or partial nude. Couples create a space in which to work in a relatively private atmosphere.

Please bring a blanket to lie on and a lighter blanket to lie under should it be cold. A cushion for the head would also be great!
A Taste of Eros - Tantric Touch & Massage workshop
While some work is done clothed or wearing a sarong or lungi, under which you can wear undies or a bathing suit if you prefer, nudity is a requirement for the massage part of the workshop as we work with oil. This is however conducted in a professional way and personal boundaries are always respected. Please speak to Leandra if you have any questions regarding this.

Workshop schedule

All workshops follow the same schedule.
Begin: 10am; End: 6pm; Lunch break: 1 - 2pm
Please bring your own lunch snack.


The cost is divided into three categories: facilitation fee, venue fee and if we supply materials, material costs. 
We do this to make our pricing transparent for you. We try to keep the venue and material costs as low as possible.

Facilitation fee
- one workshop: R800 per person or R1200 per couple
- both workshops: R1200 per person or R1800 per couple
Payment is in advance. One of the following reductions may be used per person or couple:
10% reduction to the price if you bring a friend (for couple's workshop a couple who are friends) 
10 % reduction if you register and pay in full up to three weeks before the workshop date.

Venue fee
The cost of the actual venue is divided among the participants and is paid in cash on the day (usually between R200 - R300 per person).
Cape Town: Southern Suburbs, to be announced

Things to bring with you

Both workshops
- notebook and pen should you wish to make notes
- a plate of something to share for lunch
- a large cloth/bedspread on which you both fit for the floor work
- a small towel + a bath towel
- small bottle of grape seed or almond oil
- a sarong/lungi each

Couple's workshop
- plastic dish (e.g. for washing. Both feet need to fit in it.)
- two wine glasses + a small tray
- a small bowl (e.g. muesli bowl)
- a silk scarf
- a firm cushion to sit on (e.g. meditation cushion)

A Taste of Eros
- feather duster with short handle
- baby powder
- silk scarf
- pair of massage gloves
- shoe brush
- hand fan

Please let me know if you are unable to bring any of these with you.