Tantric Fire Couple's Retreats 2015

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Emotional and practical problems in daily life and relationships are usually reflected in less frequent and a more superficial sexuality. Tantra offers crucial keys to unlock, unfold, grow and retain a deeper quality of love and a more ecstatic intimacy. In a warm, accepting and supportive atmosphere, you learn to connect with yourself, with life and with your partner more consciously, more intimately and more lovingly.


Working with variety of elements and rituals from a broad spectrum of tantric work, we include Awareness Bodywork, sexual yoga, tantric breath work, movement, role play, working with creative media and experiential exercises that assist your understanding of the workings of inner male and inner female energy. Saturday evening is dedicated to a beautiful tantric ritual, the elements of which give you the basics for your own rituals at home. All the elements of the retreat support growth of conscious awareness - emotionally, spiritually, as well as sexually. Ma Leandra's work is gentle, respectful and supportive of your individual processes. She always includes laughter and a lot of fun.

Who is this retreat for?

We invite couples of all ages, all cultures, all religious backgrounds and all sexual orientations to join us on the retreat.  Whether you are in a long standing relationship or a new one, whether you are experienced in tantric work or novices, whether you are wanting to enhance your experience of intimacy, or wanting to connect spirituality and intimacy, you will be in the right place to further your relationship in the manner wished. The work we do will be beneficial not only to you as a couple, but also to you as individuals.

All couples are nervous before attending a tantric retreat for the first time. This is completely natural and understandable. However, remember that all the others on the retreat are in the same position as you are. You already have something in common: the wish to do something for your relationship, to deepen your ability to relate to and communicate with each other on all levels of your relationship - emotionally, spiritually and physically. All you need to bring with you is an openness, a willingness to experience something new and to do this together. From the beginning of the retreat, Ma Leandra creates an atmosphere in which you will be able to relax and let go. Her work is gentle, respectful and professional. It is her aim to give you something that is sustainable, a practice that you can take home with you and continue to grow. She wishes to light an inner tantric fire in each one of you and in so doing, the ability to nurture these inner fires together in your relationship.


To be announced. Near Cape Town, near Johannesburg and near Durban


Facilitation fee: 
R 3000 per couple

Venue Fee
This depends on the actual venue we book. Details to come soon.
Generally, the venue fee includes two nights accommodation in en-suite double rooms and all meals and is paid directly to the venue.

- two couples booking together pay R500 per couple off their facilitation fee
- full payments up to 4 weeks before the retreat: 10% discount on facilitation fee

General information

- the retreat begins on Friday 7pm and ends on Sunday 4pm. 
- Couples work together throughout the retreat (no partner swopping!)
- Group size: 4 - 7 couples
- Nudity is not required but beneficial during the high tantric ritual on Saturday evening. Each couple decides what they are comfortable with.
- Personal boundaries are always respected.
- Experience in art or creative media is not required but is also not a hindrance.
- Experience in tantric work not required but also not a hindrance.
- While we work with utmost care, all participants are fully responsibility for themselves.
- If you suffer from any condition that requires medical care, please speak to your doctor first.


Ma Anand Leandra is one of South Africa's foremost and most experienced teachers of Tantra. She holds a German qualification in art therapy has some 40 years experience working psychodynamically and therapeutically with individuals and groups. Her unique approach to therapeutic work with creative media changed the face of art therapy in Germany at the time. She has trained with a number of Tantra schools, both locally and in Germany and after returning home some 10 years ago, her focus has been on tantric work. Since founding Tantra Sacred Massageā„¢,  she has travelled around the country working full time successfully in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.  As the first person to bring tantric massage to South Africa, she has worked intensively with individual men and women as well as couples of all cultures and religious backgrounds. She is founding director of the Durga Tantra School. In her retreat work, she brings together the best aspects of all her expertise and her many years of experience in the self-help, human growth and psychotherapeutic fields of professional work, giving tantric work a totally unique approach.

More info:
Ma Anand Leandra


 Please email and request the registration form: info@durgatantraschool.co.za, creativefem@gmx.net,  or Ma.Anand.Leandra@gmail.com.

A phone call with Leandra can be arranged. Please SMS to arrange a time should you wish this: 0845865361 .

Photos of previous retreats

The Melting Hug, a deeply transforming exercise                Having fun with the "Sexurisers" breathing exercises

Trust & Senses exercise                                                           Working with Archytypes              Modelling a yoni in clay

   A beautiful ritual - releasing the clay yoni's and lingam's back to mother earth.