"For Yourself"- Sensual Healing for Women
Workshops & Retreats 2015
with Ma Anand Leandra



Workshop 1: 6th/7th June

Workshop 2: 4th/5th July
Venue: Harfield Village (Claremont, Cape Town)

Residential Retreat

Workshop 3: 8th - 10th August (3nights)
Venue: outside of Cape Town to be announced


The most feminine part of a woman is mysterious and hidden, soft, receptive and embracing. It is often a place in which we store deep wounds that create tension, numbness and hardening which inhibits heart-centred interactions in one way or another. Unlike men, who have their most masculine part visible and open to inspection, the hidden yoni is for most women often a mystery and a place we never come to know intimately.

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
Anais Nin

The "For Yourself" series of workshops and retreats provide women with a gentle, supportive and safe environment to heal  issues around the body, femininity and sexuality, revealing and transforming fears and conditioning, so that a return to the beauty and innocence inherent in feminine sensual nature becomes possible and also inevitable.

Part of this process is learning to maintain healthy boundaries. With boundaries in place, we develop more personal power to find and live our individual truth. The more we connect with our inner lover, the more we are able to connect in our relationships, the deeper our capacity for intimacy on all levels becomes. 

Using visual creativity as an expressive therapeutic form, limiting conditioning of upbringing, education, religious orientation and life's experiences withdraw. As these hostage holders disappear, we expand and stretch ourselves, allowing new experiences within and without to touch our hearts...and so we become more fully, deeply and truthfully who we really are.

In this we seek solid, sustainable growth.

Workshop themes

Workshop 1: "Inside out & outside in" - creating a personal treasure box using scrapbooking / collage technique

Workshop 2: "The body mirror" & the mirrored body "- painting life sized full body self-portraits using fluid paints

Workshop 3 (retreat):  "Discovering Yoni" - exploring our most feminine part through modelling with clay and self-examination

We invite you to...

  • explore your uniqueness in a creative, holistic way, honouring your body, your heart, your mind, your feelings, and your spirit
  • connect with and nurture your inner child as you re-discover your inner natural playfulness with creative media
  • find your passion, gain self esteem, enjoy more love and reunite your sensual and spiritual self
  • heal the relationship between your inner male and female 
  • touch and heal your personal feminine sensuality
  • be deeply seen, received and unconditionally accepted
  • enjoy the shared creative space with other women in an atmosphere of support and acceptance

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."

Methods & materials...

The methods we work with depend on the actual workshop theme.
We provide all the general art materials and on registration you will be informed of personal items and materials to bring with you .

Each workshop will use a number of the following methods and materials depending on the actual theme:

  • experiential and creative methods from psychodynamic process-oriented and interdisciplinary art therapy
  • art materials such as clay, fluid paints, oil crayons, etc. depending on the theme of the workshop/retreat
  • personal memory objects & objects from nature
  • movement & dance
  • conscious body work monitoring
  • silence
  • bonding & celebration rituals
  • working in and with nature
  • verbal sharing, important for the assimilation of personal experiences
  • short talks around what Tantra teaches us about the feminine
  • tantric breath-work & chakra breathing
  • yoni self-examination
  • aspects of tantric touch & tantric massage
  • Osho Kundalini Meditation
  • Quantum Light Breath Meditation
  • OM Meditation

Who this retreat is for...

Women of all age groups, cultures, religions and sexual orientation, who are interested in a personal self journeying within a group of like-minded women are welcome to attend. A gentle and supportive environment with a qualified and experienced facilitator provides a nurturing atmosphere. At the same time, the work is lots of fun as we share, laugh celebrate together.

Prior Experience: no prior experience is necessary. The creative, artistic work is simple and if you have never done anything like this before, you will be surprised how these methods bring out your innate creative feminine energy and ability.

Group size6 – 10 women depending on the venue

"We need to recognise women's sensual nature, accept its needs, variety of temperaments, a joyous attitude - as a part of nature and sexual evolution"
Anis Nin

Venue & schedule

Workshop 1 & 2
Venue: our studio in Harfield Village (Claremont) Cape Town
Schedule: Saturday 11:00 - 19:00; Sunday: 11:00 - 17:00 (14 facilitation hours)

Workshop 3 (retreat)
Venue: to be announced - a retreat venue outside Cape Town
Friday 19:00 - Sunday 15:00, (26 facilitation hours)


The total cost is made up of the venue fee and the facilitation fee.

Venue fee
Workshop 1 & 2: R100 (to cover rent, cleaning costs, heating costs etc.)
Workshop 3: The venue fee for accommodation and meals depends on the venue we use - to be announced

Facilitation fee* (see reductions below)
Workshop 1 & 2:  R1500*(including materials) / facilitation time 14 hours
Workshop 3 (retreat):  R2200* (including materials) /  facilitation time 30 hours

Facilitation fee discounts (only one of the following discounts per person)
* R400 per person for fully paid bookings up to 3 weeks before workshop begin
* R200 per person for fully paid bookings up to 2 weeks before workshop begin
* R100 per person for fully paid bookings up to 1 week before workshop begin
* R200 per person when you book together with a friend
* R900 when you book all three workshops together (reduced facilitation fee: R4500 instead of R5400)

Your facilitator

Ma Anand Leandra (63) is one of South Africa's most knowledgeable and experienced Tantra teachers.
She pioneered tantric massage in South Africa in 2003, when she brought this important tantric practice home from Germany. She developed Tantra Sacred Massage™ as an authentic form of tantric massage based on the healing massages of Ayurveda.

A German qualified art therapist, she pioneered Psychodynamic Process-Oriented Art Therapy in Germany, where she ran a full time practice for adults and children (both individual and group therapy) as well as her own training institute (Institute for Interdisciplinary Art Therapy) in which the above art therapy method was taught to on-going art therapists in a 4-year part time program. She presented her work at all the European congresses for the arts therapies as well as in Africa. Her Psychodynamic Process-Oriented Art Therapy concept has been published as has been her work with Therapeutic Mask Theatre.She is also a past chairperson of the DGKT, mother-body for the arts therapies in Germany, responsible for ethics, qualification standards. During her chairmanship, together with a board member she was able to get the largest union for services in Germany to take the arts therapies on board. She was also able to secure the first professional legal insurance policy for art therapists.

She has over 30 years of experience working creatively & therapeutically with groups and individuals. She is a natural teacher and facilitator and knows how to hold the space for individual journeys of participants and the group as a whole. Her style of facilitating is professional, loving and gentle. 

Leandra is a warm and compassionate person and has a deep understanding of the path of a woman during her various life-stages. Her name, given to her when she took Sannyas with Osho, means "The Lion Woman, Mother of Bliss”.

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