Come Together Single's Retreat 2015

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Cape Town



This retreat offers single men and women an introduction to Tantra and a platform to meet and connect with others. We facilitate various fun exercises that will assist in melting down inhibiting conditioning, enabling you to connect with more inner freedom, more honestly and integrity and more deeply with the opposite gender.

Our human experience should be joyful and secure but so often it is not. We put this down to all sorts of things: unfulfilling relationships, difficult work situations, stressful family life and many, many lacks - lack of money, lack of the right environment, lack of satisfying work, lack of a fulfilling sexuality. Our experience of these various forms of lack, are often the direct result of our limiting conditioning through upbringing, education, culture and religious beliefs. From a psychological perspective, our childhood determines most of this through what our role models for the masculine and feminine were. Early emotional disappointments are saved in our mental and emotional bodies, even in our cells, and we continue to carry these memories within ourselves, often resulting in a disruptive relating of the inner male and inner female in each one of us.

Our external experience of life is representative of our internal experience of self and this affects all our relationships, particularly intimate ones. Same gender friendships are also affected.

How about a deeper way of relating, a better connecting, a conscious way of being with yourself and others, both male and female? Tantra offers tools to learn open-hearted, accepting connections, a more conscious sensuality and a vibrant sexually, resulting in a more fulfilling lifestyle of living in communion and union with ourselves and with others.

This retreat offers a professional, safe, loving and joyful environment to begin, or set forth, your personal healing, and the inner growth to be the man or the woman you are, embracing your opposite, embracing the other in a more whole heartedly way. We work with a variety of experiential exercises and tantric rituals as well as enthralling, ancient stories of Shiva and Shakti and the origins of Tantra. Our emphasis is to create a blissful weekend with lots of laughter and fun.


The total cost of the retreat is made up of the facilitation fee and the venue costs.

Facilitation Fee: R 2000 per person
Discounts: R500 off both facilitation fee's if you register with a friend.

Sponsoring: Single men are invited to sponsor a single women by paying a portion of the fee for a single woman, enabling more single women (who often earn less) to attend. This is optional. If you wish to participate, please mention this when you register.

Venue costs for accommodation and meals depend on the actual venue we book and are inclusive of shared accommodation and all vegetarian meals. We sometimes are able to add chicken and fish on request for those who are not vegetarian.

"The one sacrifice that tantra asks is that we change everything within us that is not in our best interest. We must let go of everything that resists love. Every negative thought about ourselves and every negative feeling we have about the world around us: these must be surrendered."
Valerie Brooks


Ma Anand Leandra

General info

- 2-night residential retreat begining Friday 7pm with supper, ending Sunday 2pm after lunch
- group size: 10 - 16
- We ensure equal numbers of women and men
- You will work with a variety of partners during the weekend as well as individually
- Nudity is not a requirement in this beginners retreat.
- Personal boundaries are always respected
- This is a retreat for singles: if you are married or in a monogamous relationship, you are not single if you come on your own! The aim of the retreat, apart from the tantric work, is for single men and women to meet and work with each other.


Please email and  request registration form:,,

If you would like a personal chat, please SMS Leandra to arrange time: 0845865361. You can also SMS your email addy and request and we'll send you the registration form with all the details you need.

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