Retreat Photos

"For Yourself" Sensual Healing Workshop for Women - November 2010, Pennington (Durban South Coast)


Working with art therapy methods, the women created a Treasure Box with the theme Inside/Outside.
We ended up with a small group (one woman had to stay in Johannesburg due to work) and it was a beautiful, quite serene yet intensive weekend. 

This work was however far more than "simply" creative fun. We worked with women's themes around identity, life in general, relationships and sexuality, and as usual with such themes, the work went deep and touched hearts.

It was the first time I had worked from my house in Pennington and it worked well. The lovely, lush subtropical surroundings with the sound of the Indian Ocean in the background, added to the atmosphere as the work was done.There will be more such workshops for women taking place in Pennington, but not only there, also at other venues in South Africa.