Retreat Photos

"For Yourself" Sensual Healing Retreat for Women - Nothern Drakensberg - March 2010

We worked with Art Therapy methods during this retreat creating full body self-paintings. Our materials were Gouash paints and wall paper glue. The beautiful working room at the Barnhouse of the remotly set Drakensberg Mountain Retreat in the Northern Drakensberg, was most suitable for our work.



As with every retreat, we set up an altar on which each participant placed an object of personal meaning at the begining of the retreat.





Reflecting on the process in front of the complected paintings...........and In the middle of the painting process.


The participants could paint indoors or "outdoors", in the he huge conservatory admist lush foliage..




Afrter the painting process was completed, all the paintings were hung up on the walls and we took some time to reflect on the process and what had been learnt.





In between, time for coffee and chatting.......................and quiet time for reflection and inner integration.


The paintings that resulted from this process were beautiful and deeply meaningful to the individuals that had painted them.


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