Retreat Photos

These photos aim to give you an idea of the atmosphere at out weekend retreats filled with learning, laughter and depth of experience. Enjoy!

Come Together Single's Retreat - November 2010 
Drakensberg Mountain Retreat Centre, Olifiershoek Pass, Northern Drakensberg

The November 2010 group with the facilitators, Leandra (front row, third from left) and Roger (back row, fifth from left).
Taken in the conservatory of the Barnhouse, our venue at the Drakensberg Mountain Retreat centre. 



Trust & Senses


Trust & Senses exercise which we do outside in the beautiful remote landscape on top of the Drakensberg with a majestic view across the valley with Woodstock Dam, to the Amphitheatre and beyond. The estate has a family of horses who roam the area freely and often visit the guests.

Shoes exercise


An experiential exercise using shoes, offering deep experiences and learning about the energy of the opposite gender.

Clay work

Clay Yoni               

Clay lingams and yonis - the results of the individual modeling with clay...such fun doing this...and then finally returning the objects back to the earth at one of the dams next to our retreat venue. We love these photos!












We worked with various male and female archytypes, the the room with playfulness and laughter as each person came out to be a child again.



Sexurisers are very enjoyable tantric breathing exercises first done individually and then with a partner. They aim to open the body and the heart allowing our life force energy to flow.