21-day International Tantra Teacher Training 2015
with Ma Anand Leandra & Jason Potgieter

The second 21-day International Tantra Teacher Training is being facilitated entirely by the Durga Tantra School and with a new, unique concept. We incorporate interdisciplinary Art Therapy methods into tantric work. These methods offer a unique self-experiential opportunity to trainees, and at the same time they promote personal creativity, creative thinking and creative problem solving. No previous art or art therapy experience is necessary, this work is suitable for the absolute novice and will be a lot of fun. In addition, being able to offer art therapy methods in tantric work, gives Tantra teachers a special and unique approach to their work, allowing them to stand out amongst the sometimes overwhelming offers of tantric work worldwide today. We also place an emphasis on the actual process of facilitating tantric work professionally with individuals, couples and groups. With this, we hope to give participants the best possible professional grounding for their work.


The work will be mainly of a practical, experiential nature, however relevant theoretical aspects will take place in the form of short lectures and discussions.


- what is Tantra?
- background & development of modern day Tantra (Post Neo-Tantra)
- the Chakra system / the importance of working with the Chakras in tantric work
- ethics in tantric work
- connection between sexuality and spirituality
- Sexology: sexual problems / tantric healing methods
- working with sexual trauma in both men and women
Therapeutic technique
- working with individuals, groups & couples
- individual psychological problems that can arist and how to deal with them
- a psychodynamic, process-orientated approach to tantric work
- working with transference & counter-transference in tantric work

Practical work

- Lomi Awareness Bodywork / tantric yoga
- tantric breath work / chakra meditations
- movement therapy / body expression therapy
- relaxation methods
Self-explorative experiential exercises
-  trust & senses
- working with male/female energy archetypes
Art Therapy
- expressive painting
- modelling with clay
- visual journal
- working with myths & stories
- Inside/Outside box (collage)
- therapeutic mask theatre (Animus & Anima - Archytypes)
- silent & guided meditation
- Kundalini Meditation, active meditation (Osho meditations)
- Quantum Light Breath  (Jeru Kabal)
- tantric meditation with the senses
Tantric work & rituals
- tantric breathing (introduction, intermediate & advanced)
- tantric touch ritual
- various tantric rituals incl. Maithuna (Yab Yum)
- tantric massage work incl. lingam and yoni massage


Details to be announced. We will choose a quiet, serene setting either in the mountains or close to the sea with a variety of accommodation to cater for those seeing cheaper accommodation in dorms and those seeking single rooms. If possible we will cater for camping. All meals will be provided included in the Venue Fee.



Begin: 19:00 with supper
End: 14:00 after lunch
Free days: there will be one free day per week for relaxation, visiting the beach, shopping in Stanford or Hermanus etc. These days are planned but we take the weather into account and choose days that are ideal for going to the Venue we have. In addition we include a free afternoon or evening according to the group dynamics and needs.

Daily Schedule

We work with a basic daily schedule which is flexible to include work related changes. Our working schedule is tight and the work intense but varied and we ensure that there is time for relaxation:.
08:00 - 09:00 Yoga/Awareness bodywork 
09:00 - 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 - 13:00 Working Schedule (WS) I
13:00 - 15:30 Lunch & afternoon break
15:30 - 17:30 WS II
18:00 - 19:00 Meditation
19:00 - 20:00 Supper break
20:00 - 22:00 WS III

Group make up

Who this training is for...
We would like to see participants both from South Africa and abroad who already have experienced tantric work in one or the other way. This is a professional teacher training and not an introduction to Tantra. Participants with little or no tantric experience will also be accepted if they hold qualifications and/or experience with other modalities in the human growth, artistic, alternative healing and therapeutic fields of work. We are open to people of all cultures and sexual orientation.

The registration form needs to be filled in and returned, after which a personal interview will be arranged. In this interview we will assess the background of the applicant as to his/her suitability for the training. This interview can be done in person, via phone call or Skype phone call. Once accepted, the deposit is due and your place in the training is secured.

Group size
12 - 20 participants. We try to balance the number of men and women participating. This is an international training and our experience is that the numbers quickly fill up with participants from Europe and elsewhere. Early booking is therefore important to secure your place.

The training will be held in English with simultaneous translation into German (and Afrikaans if necessary). (Applications for the role of translator can be made to Leandra via the contact info below)


Participation in the training will be certified for all participants. The actual qualification will be individually assessed by both the participants and the facilitators in weekly evaluation feed-backs. In the event of a participant not qualifying  by the end of the training, we will make suggestions for further study in your country of residence and you will be able to attend the next 21 day International Tantra Teacher Training free of facilitation charge. The qualification will thus take place after further study and self-assessment. The qualification will be with the Durga Tantra School as a Tantra Teacher and will qualify for membership with NITSA (National Institute of Tantra South Africa) and the International Institute of Tantra.

Fees & Payment

Venue fee:
Venue fees depend on the actual venue we are able to book. The prices below are approximate prices. The venue fee includes 3 vegetarian meals per day (plus fish & chicken) morning and afternoon tea/coffee with cookies/home baked cake and accommodation in en-suite rooms approx. R 8,500 (shared twin or double rooms)
approx R 10,500 (single rooms).
Facilitation fee:
- Early registrations up to 4 months before: R18.000 - R30.000 sliding scale.* A deposit of R8.000 is due with your registration to secure your place. The
  balance is due 4 weeks before.
- Registrations up to 4 weeks before: R20.000 - R32.000 sliding scale.* A deposit of R7500 is due with your registration to secure your place.
- Registrations within 14 days before: R22.000 - R34.000 sliding scale.* The full amount is due with registration to secure your place. 

All balance payments including venue fees are due at least 4 days before course begin
* sliding scale means that you choose what you pay in relation to your financial situation and the value that the training has for you.

Payment plans
We offer payment plans on request. If you opt for a payment plan, the first instalment is due on registration. Please request a payment plan contract should you require this.

Reduced rates
- If you book with a partner or friend, we offer you a 10% reduction on one facilitation fee.
- We offer a 5% reduction for participants from South Africa
- We offer a 20% reduction to participants who take on practical responsibilities during the training (e.g. translator, setting up the room, clearing the room, communicator with the venue, collecting money for the cash bar etc.

Travel costs

Participants are responsible for their own travel costs. We will supply a shuttle from the closest airport to the venue. This cost will be made known in a newsletter closer to the time.


Ma Anand Leandra is a leading tantric massage specialist and one of South Africa's most prominent Tantra Teachers. She is director of the Durga Tantra School and Tantra Sacred Massage, a specialist practice for tantric massage in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. In addition, she is a fully qualified psychoanalytical art therapist with over 30 years experience in the field. A young anti-apartheid activist, she left South Africa in 1974 and lived in Germany for 28 years before returning to South Africa 9 years ago. The combination of her qualifications and professional experience makes her the ideal facilitator for this training. Prior to taking up her tantric work, she trained on-going art therapists in her own training institute in Germany for 10 years and influenced the art therapy scene there by introducing an interdisciplinary, psychodynamic and process-orientated approach to art therapy. As a young adult, after studying drama in South Africa, she began her working career as a stage and costume designer in a German state theatre and later as a freelance professional visual artist specialising in performance art. She ran the second woman's art gallery in North Germany during the heart of the Woman's Movement and developed an experiential approach to teaching art to women. Leandra has been facilitating groups and working with individuals for nearly 40 years. Her unique professional training and experience enables her to offer participants a diverse background to the tantric work as well as a high degree of professional ethics. Click here for more info on Leandra...

Jason Potgieter is an actor, writer, director, drama teacher and puppeteer who travelled the world with a well known puppet company. 
When Leandra met Jason it was an instant perfect fit and since then they have been planning some wonderful work for the Durga Tantra School. Read more about Jason here... 

Photos of 2010 training in the Drakensberg

Please see the photos of 2010 training on the Photos page to get an impression of the previous training which took place in the Northern Drakensberg.