Participant Comments

" It was so much more than just learning to perform a Sacred Tantra Massage™. It has been a life changing experience, in which many of my own wounds were healed. An amazing world has opened up for me, a world in which I have met and come to love and accept my own feminine beauty and strength. This has been part of a long journey towards loving myself, and being free to express more of my true nature. I look forward to turning my introspection and spiritual growth outward by continuing my work in alternative therapies and proceeding in my new found passion of Tantra Sacred Massage™ work, to facilitate healing and the discovery of a fulfilling life."

"Tantric Scared Massage™ has improved my relationship with my husband on all levels and we have been able to grow so much closer as result. I'm passionate about helping individuals and couples with the expansion of their love, erotic expression, attainment of bliss, ecstasy and spiritual development.”

"It was the most beautiful, healing experience for me personally, and for my relationship with my wife. It helped us to explore our love and sexual connection in ways we had not thought possible. We moved, almost without any effort, into a place of greater sexual openness, love and freedom. It has also deepened our emotional and spiritual connection and was the most profoundly effective and powerful personal development course I have ever attended. ‘Life changing’ for once, would be no exaggeration."