Tantra Sacred Massage™ Practitioner Training



Module I:  in Johannesburg: June/July  2015
(in Cape Town & Durban September 2015)

Facilitator: Ma Anand Leandra

The Senses, Touch & Presence

Part of a tantric journey is to learn to use the senses as a doorway to the present, to being in the now, to being conscious of "what is" in any given moment. In Tantra, we use our senses to be present, to become conscious of the moment, of now. Of all our senses, our sense of touch is the most fundamental to our wellbeing. It is the only sense that a new born baby cannot live without. The brain makes compensations for the loss of all the other senses, but if we are unable to feel touch, we have no way of identifying the difference between ourselves and the outside world, and so it is impossible to identify a sense of self.

Touch is fundamental to the emotional wellbeing of a baby and those that do not receive loving touch sufficiently, very probably will develop serious disorders which last a life time. Perhaps it is true to claim that, although most of us do receive and recognise loving touch, we do not receive it sufficiently throughout our lives and do not develop this to its full potential.

In a very real way, Tantra addresses the fact that most of us do not know just how deep, loving and sensual touch can be experienced. Realising the full potential of touch requires leaving the goal of getting something in return out of the equation. Only then is awareness, presence in sensuality and sexuality possible.

Authentic Tantric Massage & Ayurveda

Tantra Sacred Massage™ is authentic tantric massage based on the principals of Ayurvedic massage. It was developed by Ma Anand Leandra, partly through her experiences with other forms of tantric massage as well as Ayurvedic massage, and partly through her many years of various forms of awareness bodywork. Lomi Bodywork, Laban and expressive dance, therapeutic movement, and theatre work including acting all form the basis on which her understanding of the body is based.

Tantra Sacred Massage™
is a complete healing modality in itself; it is also a teaching of what Tantra is, how it feels and how to get there.
Individuals come to Tantra Sacred Massage™ for many different reasons (to enhance their sexual experience, to resolve sexual difficulties, to learn how to relax properly, to experience what Tantra is in a safe space, out of curiosity. The practitioner will learn to deal with all these situations through the continued supervision and mentorship through Ma Anand Leandra.

What You Get Out Of This Training

On a personal level, this training gives you the opportunity to experience what tantric touch and tantric massage is, both as the receiver and the giver. You will be initiated into the dynamics of the tantric hot oil massage. Your sensuality will be enhanced and you level of bonding with a partner, be it a life partner or a friend, will deepen. All relationships benefit from this, your marriage, your love affair, your one night stands and your friendships. But most of all, you personally will benefit from the experiencing touch and tantric massage at this level.

On a professional level, Module I teaches you the full body, hot oil massage on the massage table. However it is not just about learning to give a massage, it is essentially about your own inner transformation. The training in itself is a path of transformation as you experience yourself and others in a new, more conscious way. Unconditional love and holistic expansion form the backbone of our work. By completing this training, you also earn the mentorship of Ma Anand Leandra personally should you so wish. Her experience is vast and her mentoring invaluable to any trainee on her/his way to becoming a professional. 

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Training Modules

The training consists of three modules: 1x 5-day  intensive, 1x 3day intensive + 1x 2 day intensive and the practical and oral final assessment. The practitioner begins working after Phase I. Phase II and Phase III can be done at a later stage. Certification takes place when all three training phases are completed.
Total hours: 124 hours

Module I

- 41/2 -day Intensive: massage table massage (40 hours)
- Practicum: 10 supervised / mentored massages on real clients (30 hours)

Module II

- 3-day Intensive: futon mattress massage (20 hours)
- Practicum: 5 supervised / mentored massages on real clients (15 hours)
- 1-day intensive:
  additional massage rituals (8 hours)
- 1-day intensive: theory (Chakras,
Dates will be set as soon as at least 3 students who have completed Module I book the training.

Module III

- 1-day intensive: healing anal massage & pelvic muscle yoni treatment
- Practical & oral exam (4 hours)
- Certification

The oral exam takes place either individually or in the form of a special sharing: a mini conference whereby all the practitioners to qualify hold 20 minute talks
about their work. This mini conference is not open to the public, however the participants can invite friends.
Dates are set as soon as 3 or more students who have completed Module I and Module II book Module III.

"Our natural state of being is bliss. Allowing an expansion of sensory awareness will lead you slowly but surely toward a life where even a simple act such as breathing becomes ecstatic."
Sarita & Geho

Who is this training for?

The training is open to all men and women, both singles and couples who feel drawn towards professional work in Tantra. The course however does not necessarily have to end in the professional qualification as this is optional. Those wishing to qualify as practitioners need to complete the practical work (10 supervised massages) and a final assessment. This is optional and if after the course you do not wish to do this, you will take all you experienced and learnt in the course into your private life.

General Info

Group size: 3 - 6 participants in a private venue & 6 - 10 participants in a rented venue

Personal boundaries
Nudity is necessary in this training, partly because tantric massage is given and received naked and partly because we work with hot oil. Being naked is not an erotic component of the massage, it is simply "reducing" us to our natural state whereby we are all on one and the same level. The flow of the massage strokes is thus supported. Personal boundaries are always respected. It is our intention that you feel comfortable with all aspects of the work. Explicit sexuality is not a part of the work.

Work ethics
The work is professional, respectful and loving. Leandra's long experience of working with groups psychotherapeutically, comes into full play as she  creates an atmosphere of confidence and trust, an atmosphere of acceptance in which you feel comfortable to explore, learn, strengthen and grow.  You will be given extensive notes on the background and history of Tantra, tantric massage and Ayurveda as well as the massage sequence itself.


Successful completion of each course will be certified.
The professional certification as a Tantra Sacred Massage™ Practitioner will take place after Module III is completed.

Cost & Payment

Facilitation fees

Module I : R3800 
Module II: R3800
Module III: R2200

Discounts granted on request:
- sign up with a friend and pay half price for the second person (only possible once per person)
- 10% discount for full payment is received up to 4 weeks before course begin
- payment plans can be granted on request.

At least 50%of the facilitation fee for each training phase is due with registration, the balance is due 2 weeks before course begin

Other costs

Venue fee
The venue fee depends on the rooms we rent for the training. The cost is shared by the participants. If the venue offers lunch, we make use of this, otherwise lunch is organised between the participants and the costs shared. The venue fee is due in cash on the 1st day of the course.
We try to keep these costs as low as possible. We try to use private venues, the cost comes to R300 - R400 per person.

Oil costs
At the end of the course the cost of the oil usage will be divided amongst the group (usually R 60 - 100 per person)
These costs are paid in cash at the course.

Accommodation fees for residential trainings
Non-residential course: If you require accommodation, we will supply you with a list of B & B's, backpackers or self-catering  apartments in the area. Sometimes it is possible to arrange accommodation with another participant. We also assist participants in co-ordinating transport if necessary (e.g. from the airport, to and from the venue). 
Residential course: If the course is residential, the cost will depend on the actual venue and will include all meals.
The accommodation fees are payable in advance with registration or directly with the venue to secure your room. We always choose comfortable quiet venues with affordable accommodation.


Ma Anand Leandra is the founder of the Durga Tantra School and also runs a successful and busy Tantra Sacred Massage™ practice in Cape Town, Johannesburg and on the Durban. She was initially trained in tantric massage by Klaus in Germany and then later by Ron Solo, an international Tantric Touch specialist. Her experience with tantric touch and tantric massage is vast and in addition, she is German qualified Psychoanalytic Art Therapist with over 30 years of experience in working with individuals and groups. Leandra pioneered tantric massage in South Africa in 2003 and has been working full time since then. She is one of South Africa's most experienced and knowledgeable Tantra teachers. 

For more info on Leandra click here....  or go to the Tantra Sacred Massage website: http://www.tantra-massage.co.za.


Email: leandra@durgatantraschool.co.za or creativefem@gmx.net or ma.anand.leandra@gmail.com
If you would like a personal chat before registering, email Leandra and ask for a suitable time.