New Beginnings October 2016

Dear friends of Durga Tantra School, students and new-comers to this website,

I am so happy to be able to announce that I am re-launching my work in a way that I am able to cope with at this stage in my life. Most of you will have read about the closing of my practice earlier this year (see Tantra Sacred Massage page "Closing of Practice" if you haven't), and since my move back to Europe, Vienna and a little town called Rommersheim in the Reinlands of Germany, I have had time to rest, recuperate and literally find myself again. The going has not been easy here, there are many aspects of my life here that have presented challenges, particularly the difficult divorce my husband has instigated, but being close to my loved ones here, my daughter, son-in-law and two wonderful little grandchildren, have given me a whole new lease on life.

Thus it emerges slowly, that I wanted to continue the work I was doing in one way or another. In addition to my desire, I have had numerous individuals showing interest in training with me in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, that I feel it necessary, as long as I can, to continue training in Tantra Sacred Massageā„¢. Many old and possible new clients have expressed great sadness that the practice closed and while none of the individuals I have trained so far have wanted to continue the work for a variety of reasons (always personal reasons), I do not feel daunted. I hope to still find those special people who wish to continue in the tradition of this work.

It is not the work of a so called dakini or daka - many of you may have heard about this or been for such sessions - it is very specific tantric massage training in a unique tantric massage which I developed based on modern tantric massages as taught and given in numerous cities and towns in Germany, and Ayurveda healing massages. I feel it is well worth offering this training again for those who feel called to do this wonderful healing work.

In addition to that, I envisage offering online counseling of a tantric-sexual nature for individuals and couples. I will be working on this program in the next weeks and hopefully be able to launch it before Christmas. There still is a huge necessity for this, so many individuals and couples are alone with their difficulties, and my work was rather different to most of the work being offered in way of tantric work or even sexual wellness work.

So my dearest ones, there is newness in the autumn air of Europe and the spring air of South Africa. The seasons speak to us constantly of renewal, of dying and awakening, of darkness and light. It is in this way that I see my own process. At the beginning of the year, I felt my life was more or less over. Last Stage Lyme Disease had crippled me physically and emotionally. When my husband decided to divorce me after nearly 40 years of marriage, I did the only thing I could possibly imagine, I moved to be with my daughter and grandchildren.

I have always believed in listening to the angel voices within, that still small voice that nudges us forwards, from which our creativity stems, and I listened to it this time too. So much spoke against it, I didn't even believe I could do it or manage in Europe! But when we listen to the voice of the Divine speaking to us, it always works. And so it is. I have been on an amazing journey, one that has led me to great happiness again .... and to renewing my intention of continuing my work one way or the other!

I will post more as things the meantime, thank you for your interest, for your faith in me and my process and for your love,

All my love

Ma Anand Leandra