Ma Anand Leandra

Founder and director of the Durga Tantra School, Leandra is based on the Durban South Coast where she lives with her 16 yearl old nephew whose legal guardian she is. She is also mother to a 23 year old daughter who lives in Vienna, Austria and has been married for 25 years to a German doctor who lives in Hamburg, Germany.

In addition to facilitating retreats, she runs a busy Tantra Sacred Massage practice in Johannesburg, Cape Town and on the Durban South Coast. She is also the founder of National Institute of Tantra, South Africa (NITSA).

After her political activism student days at Natal University in Durban, she left South Africa in 1974 and lived in Germany for 28 years, where she began her professional life as a successful Fine Artist (painting & multi-media performance art) and a Stage and Costume Designer in a large German State Theatre.

She later qualified in psychoanalytical art therapy and for many years ran a busy practice working with individual children and adults as well as groups, before founding the Interdisciplinary Art Therapy Training Centre in Hamburg, Germany where she trained on-going Art Therapists in a unique method of Art Therapy which she developed (Psychodynamic Process-Orientated Art Therapy) for 10 years before returning to South Africa some 8 years ago. For some years before her return to South Africa, she was the chairperson of the German Arts Therapies Association and initiated the first professional insurance scheme for the Art Therapists as well as the acceptance of art therapy as a profession worth supporting and protecting into a major European trade union. She also sat at the forefront of discussions and decisions on the training standards and ethics for Art Therapists in Germany.

Having known about Tantra since the seventies in Germany, when it first emerged Germany, she was initiated into Tantra in South Africa (by Rahassya of the Advait Tantra School) and then travelled to Germany for intensive tantric massage training and group experiences with further Tantra schools. She was subsequently further trained by South African born Ron Solo, an international tantric touch specialist based in Australia. Her experience in working with individuals and groups is vast and all areas of her previous professional work are incorporated into her individual and group work as a leading Tantra Coach.

Her name, Ma Anand Leandra, given to her when she took sannyas with Osho, means "The Lion Woman, Mother of Bliss".
Leandra says, "Tantra has totally transformed my life in the most positive way thinkable. It's not just a path to great sex, it is a path to enlightenment, to consciousness. It is a beautiful path, when practiced correctly it is gentle & accepting. It's a wonderful way to live"

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