Celebrate Tantra Cape Town MeetUps
with Ma Anand Leandra & guests

Next Meeting: Sunday 19th July 2015, 15:00 - 18:00 in Woodstock, Cape Town



Following Meeting: Sunday 16th August 2015



What is Celebrate Tantra Cape Town ?

Durga Tantra School launched the monthly Celebrate Tantra Cape Town MeetUp in October 2013 to replace the previous monthly Open Evenings which were held from September 2012 - August 2013.

MeetUp is a world wide online social networking portal that facilitates offline group meetings in various localities around the world. MeetUp helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world.

With Celebrate Tantra - Cape Town MeetUp, we are able to reach individuals who would not normally search for a Tantra group. People from all walks of life, of all ages and cultures who have heard about Tantra  in one way or another, discover our group on the MeetUp Website and want to know more.

We offer 6-weekly afternoons or evenings on different themes including a talk, discussion and sometimes a demonstration or exercise followed by informal socialising  and networking with snacks and tea/coffee. Our aim is to grow a community of individuals who are interested in Tantra. We want to raise a sense of curiosity to learn more about authentic Tantra while showcasing a variety of aspects of the Durga Tantra School work.

Themes so far have included an introduction to Tantra, the importance of tantric breath-work and tantric massage in a tantric process as well as in tantric sex. We have included some practical work, given demonstrations of tantric massage, hosted a tantric massage practitioner from Austria, held discussions. We offer these very informative and sometimes practical evenings on a donation basis of between R50 - R100 depending on your means.

Discounts: Members of Celebrate Tantra Cape Town get discounted rates for all other Durga Tantra School events (retreats, workshops and courses).

Everyone is welcome to join our MeetUp group! 

If you would like to attend a meeting, please join the group. There are no costs involved in joining. You will then receive notifications of up coming meetings and not miss out on a theme that interests you.

For more information please visit our Celebrate Tantra Cape Town page on the MeetUp website by clicking here.....