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"A school is a place where one learns about the totality, the wholeness of life. Academic excellence is absolutely necessary, but a school includes much more than that. It is a place where both the teacher and the student explore, not only the outer world, the world of knowledge, but also their own thinking, their own behavior."
J. Krishnamurti

The Durga Tantra School was formed in November 2006 by Ma Anand Leandra for the purpose of facilitating Tantra workshops and retreats along the lines of similar European Tantra schools. This is the first school in South Africa offering Tantra training to single women, men and couples in this way. The aim of the school is to offer quality coaching and training in seminars & experiential weekend retreats of a high professional standard. We wish to create a warm, loving and accepting space for individuals to explore various aspects of the tantric tradition.

The website offers information about Tantra today, including a series of Tantric Lessons written either by Leandra or by other international Tantra specialists and spiritual leaders. One of the aims of these lessons is to give visitors to the website access to what is happening in the tantric world outside of South Africa as well as to the teachings of international Tantra specialists.

The Retreat Schedule page has information about actual retreats and workshops as well as the trainers.

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